Friday, 30 October 2015

Why Higher Education Should Be Free on a Living Wage?

Why higher education should be free, because it makes economic sense. What’s the point of tying a straightjacket and a noose around millions of people whom are the next generation of potential wealth builders, and, at the same time, denying millions of people with talent the chance to improve their intellectual skills just because they don’t live on ‘Silver Street’ and have wealthy parents that can afford the hefty tuition fees?

Okay, you say this is not a socialist state, but why preach that message when you are perfectly willing to bail out the banks (the banks that are too big to fail) and go on with the pretence of a capitalist ethos. Countries like Germany provide free higher technical training and education because they realise the benefits of a trained workforce and a socially cohesive environment for every citizen. After all, what is the point of capitalism without proper resources?

There are those that argue against a living wage on grounds that many businesses would sustain higher costs and perhaps some would go out of business. So, what, that happens every day in the capitalist world, it’s the nature of economics prices go up and down all the time and some businesses will flourish and some will fail. If people are paid a living wage they can choose to spend more where they want. That’s how the distribution of wealth should be not top down but bottom up, in other words a fairer society.

What’s the point of living in a democracy where they screw you until you die? This government should wipe out every student’s tuition fee debt immediately and transfer the digital money into the TBTFF (Too Big to Fail Fund) and call it a day. A day for common sense quantitative easing that would really stimulate the economy! 

Expensive Higher Education is Backward Thinking = You have denied a possible Einstein from emerging and allowed a ‘dumb phuck’ with money instead.

Anthony Fox MSc BSc Hons

Remember, Confucius said,” a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

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