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There's So Much Opportunity Out There Right Now, That I Say, "What Are You Waiting For?"

How to Pass a Degree with Confidence
A study guide for a university or college degree.  

Anthony Fox MSc BSc Hons

Yes, there’s so much opportunity out there in the world right now, so I say, “What are you waiting for?” The youth of today, well, in fact, anyone because age doesn’t matter, what matters is your attitude and your ability not to give up just because you’ve had a few bad results. Take the example of Thomas Edison who invented the first commercially viable light bulb (incandescent), now, he tried, it is said, at least 100 times unsuccessfully until he was successful in perfecting the first commercially viable light bulb that we have been using for the past 135 years or so and thanks to his perseverance.

Would you have given up at the first attempt or just kept on going? You see, it’s not what you know, but how to find it that’s important. There are opportunities in software programming, medicine, biology, environmental management and so on. And you could also create a job for yourself; like a stall holder, a business entrepreneur, and a multitude of other opportunities waiting for you to explore. Get thinking now what you could do.

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If in your effort for success you have to cheat in any way, then, you have defeated the purpose, not only that you will be eventually found out at some point in your life for a cheat. Fate, call it what you like has a way of hitting you when you call into question its power. I would advise not fooling with fate because it will screw you.

Now, the youth of today, whether you’re at college or university there are  untold opportunities all around you, but, many of you reading this perhaps have a different view. Such as: A view that is negative in nature; “there are no good jobs in the area.” People who place obstacles in their way are avoiding the possibility that this time it perhaps will work out. Your friends and family may also have similar negative views and so it goes on, that person never moves forward and that could be you?.

Unless, you are prepared to take on new challenges how do you know you’re potential? Imagine, you could find a love for something that never crossed your mind; a new career, relationship, make new friends, gain valuable skills, and become the person you are. Everyone is gifted with talent you just have to explore yourself to find out what they are.

I could spend the next several hours writing out where the opportunities are, but just take the time and slow down. Keep this in mind and you will not go far wrong.

When you have learnt to slow down to such an extent, that you think before action you will then make positive progress.

Here is a list of stories included in “How to Pass a Degree with Confidence” they are not in any order, purely random.

To be or not to be

It’s never too late

We don't all wear the same shoes

We have all the time in the world

Sat there like a Cheshire cat

There’s a bit more meat on the bone

More stress than a chaining smoking nurse

The golden rule

How I got my T-Shirt

A girl came knocking on my window

Realise your potential it’s within you to succeed. Your success is not proportional to the effort you put in, that part is purely random.

I can win the lottery in a second, but spend a lifetime finding a cure for cancer. Which is more rewarding?

I devote a chapter in my book to: why students fail with explanation and examples so that you don’t fail?

Plus: the number one topic you should understand, it could mean the difference between passing and failing?

The book “How to Pass a Degree with Confidence” also includes the following:
A study guide including:  How to write your project or dissertation, exam preparation, how to research, time management, how to reference correctly, critical thinking, how to study, how to revise, a girl game knocking at my window, how to build confidence, the need to set goals, a student perspective, how to cope with stress, how to cope with meagre funds, score more goals than Casanova, top tips for university, and much more.

Readers' comments
"very well written and organized tutorials…its indeed a great help for beginners like me to keep up the interest and at the same time learn this important subject."

"Brilliant. One of the very best I have read. Well written, with style and intelligence. I have spent hours looking for erotica like this... ."

An interesting; innovative, motivating self-help book on how to pass a university degree with confidence, by providing not only the do’s and don’ts, but also an insightful and fascinating personal experience. It was written using the author’s experience gained as a student representative as well as the achievement of gaining an MSc and a BSc Honours degree. Comprehensive and detailed information is provided, to help those individuals contemplating an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree visualise and achieve their goals. 

Each chapter recalls a personal experience that helps to reinforce the academic topic. Every important academic aspect is covered to help you achieve what you want.

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