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The Reasons Why You Fail to Find the Keys to Your Future?

How to Pass a Degree with Confidence
A study guide for a university or college degree.  

Anthony Fox MSc BSc Hons
Have you heard about “The Richest Man in Babylon,”  by George S. Clason first published in 1926, it’s a story that maybe you should read? When I first read this story I was just a young boy, but it still fascinates me now. The reason I ask is because the moral of the story is not about how the “The Richest Man in Babylon” obtained his riches, but how easy it is to overlook the opportunities that life presents to you. If you are interested, I have written a book review on my other blog click here?

Imagine one day you have mislaid your car keys – now. we have all been there at some point – you go searching for your keys all around the house looking everywhere you can think of. And this is where it gets interesting for instance - you open a kitchen cupboard and staring you in the face are your keys but you cannot see them. We have all been there. Similar to the adage “you can’t see the wood for the trees” it is easy to overlook the opportunities that life presents to you. 

You and I already know that it’s difficult to multitask. Your mind is similar to how a computer works – the computer cannot multitask either, it only seems so because it employs a range of time-slicing methods and it does these very fast.

So the reason why you do not see your keys is because your mind is already preoccupied with the thought of what will happen if you do not find your keys? Your mind cannot multitask. To find your keys you need to forget about what will happen if you do not find your keys.

Realise your potential it’s within you to succeed. Your success is not proportional to the effort you put in, that part is purely random.

I can win the lottery in a second, but spend a lifetime finding a cure for cancer. Which is more rewarding?

As Jesus said, “belief is everything.”

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To answer questions in an exam do not worry about the answer. First understand what the question is asking. When you have done that then answer the question. Secondly if you missed this first part and you have not got a clue, then what is the point of giving an answer, you have as much chance of being right, then there is in winning the lottery tomorrow. It may never happen.

I devote a chapter in my book to: why students fail with explanation and examples so that you don’t fail?

Plus: the number one topic you should understand, it could mean the difference between passing and failing?

Here is a list of stories included in “How to Pass a Degree with Confidence” they are not in any order, purely random.

To be or not to be

It’s never too late

We don't all wear the same shoes

We have all the time in the world

Sat there like a Cheshire cat

There’s a bit more meat on the bone

More stress than a chaining smoking nurse

The golden rule

How I got my T-Shirt

A girl came knocking on my window

Read my bookHow to Pass a Degree with Confidence” and find the keys to your future.

The book “How to Pass a Degree with Confidence” also includes the following:
A study guide including:  How to write your project or dissertation, exam preparation, how to research, time management, how to reference correctly, critical thinking, how to study, how to revise, a girl game knocking at my window, how to build confidence, the need to set goals, a student perspective, how to cope with stress, how to cope with meagre funds, score more goals than Casanova, top tips for university, and much more.

Readers' comments
"very well written and organized tutorials…its indeed a great help for beginners like me to keep up the interest and at the same time learn this important subject."

"Brilliant. One of the very best I have read. Well written, with style and intelligence. I have spent hours looking for erotica like this... ."

An interesting; innovative, motivating self-help book on how to pass a university degree with confidence, by providing not only the do’s and don’ts, but also an insightful and fascinating personal experience. It was written using the author’s experience gained as a student representative as well as the achievement of gaining an MSc and a BSc Honours degree. Comprehensive and detailed information is provided, to help those individuals contemplating an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree visualise and achieve their goals. 

Each chapter recalls a personal experience that helps to reinforce the academic topic. Every important academic aspect is covered to help you achieve what you want.


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